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Workshops are in conjunction with Spruce Forest Artisan Village.

A Taste of Blacksmithing:
$60 + $15 materials

In this three hour class you will be introduced to the basic smithing techniques of hammering, drawing-out, cutting, bending, and twisting. Using these techniques and a coal-fired forge you will heat a piece of iron to brilliant incandescence and with anvil, hammer, and tongs create a decorative and useful 'S'-hook. Class meets 1-4pm.

Please email mike@medelmanart to schedule a workshop.

For pairs of 2, classes can be added/scheduled.


Blacksmithing classes are taught at Spruce Forest Artisan Village, located in Grantsville Maryland.


Please remember to wear proper clothing! Absolutely NO open toed shoes are allowed in the shop (boots are best, but tennis shoes work). Long pants and clothing that is of natural fiber (cotton) are strongly suggested. You WILL get dirty. Safety glasses/gloves are provided, but it is strongly suggested you bring ones that fit your hands/face. Safety glasses must BE WORN AT ALL TIMES while in the shop. Bringing water/tea/etc is a good idea, as are snacks. Blacksmithing is a physically intense medium, so be prepared. Bring a bag lunch, or purchase one from Penn Alps Restuarant which is across the parking lot.


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Mike Edelman is the resident Blacksmith at Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville, MD. He has over 17 years experience working with metals, has won numerous awards and exhibited work across the country. For more info, please visit: